This site is a personal web log exploring my learning about leadership through my own individual journey. It is intended to be a place where I share opinions and thoughts on leadership issues. In September 2012 I went on a short course on leadership at the Ashridge Business School. This inspired me to consolidate and continue my learning on leadership through sharing it in written form.

I hope this is useful and engaging for others, but the principal purpose is to be a place where I can document my own journey.​

My name is Sam Meldrum and I am a Partner at Barnett Waddingham LLP where I lead the IT team. The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not represent the views of my colleagues or the position of Barnett Waddingham or its partners. Any inaccuracies or errors are mine alone.

The information on this site is presented as is. It is assumed that the reader is drawing their own conclusions. I take no responsibility for any action you take as a result of reading something on this site.

I have an interest in leadership, business, economics, technology, Christianity, running, cycling​ and photography.

You can find my other stuff on the web by visiting about.me/SamMeldrum​ or follow me on Twitter: @SamMeldrum.