P1240274-smallIt has been a while since I posted here. I have been a little busy. We moved back into our house last November after a big renovation project – a few weeks later than originally planned – just in time for the birth of our fourth baby on 5 December. Since then the family, home, work and church commitments have kept me rather too busy to continue blogging here.

I’m not going to promise that I won’t still be too busy to post regularly – after all, this blog is to help me organise my thoughts around leadership and learning. To the extent that anyone else benefits from my ramblings I am glad, but if I fail to get back on a more regular schedule, I guess that’s my lookout.

It is coming up to a year since I went on the Ashridge Leadership Workshop and I have done a good deal of continued learning since. Some of this I hope to share over the coming weeks and months. I have a number of topic ideas and part-written posts stored up in Evernote so the ideas are definitely there if not the finished articles. “Perfection is the enemy of good” as they say and I suspect I may need to just start getting it done and stop worrying so much about the editing and polishing.

A good deal of my continued learning has been through podcasts and I thought I’d share some of the resources I’ve enjoyed listening to:

  • I enjoyed listening to “Seth Godin’s Startup School” which I think has a lot in it for business leaders and entrepreneurs who aren’t in the startup phase – which is obviously its primary focus.
  • Michael Hyatt’s podcast “This Is Your Life” is interesting too. Some of the content isn’t directly relevant but a lot of it is really good.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any podcasts or other resources that you find particularly helpful for your learning about leadership.

About Sam Meldrum

Sam Meldrum is a Partner at Barnett Waddingham LLP where he leads the IT team. I have an interest in leadership, business, economics, technology, Christianity, running, cycling​ and photography. You can find my other stuff on the web by visiting​ or follow me on Twitter: @SamMeldrum.
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